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The Green Knight Slot (Play N’ Go)

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The Green Knight adds to the long list of branded slot machines that Play n Go is planning to release in 2021.

It’s a title that is based on a 2021 film that talks about King Arthur, and a particular Knight of the Round Table, known as Sir Gawain.

You need to come and offer him your help as he struggles in a fight with the Green Knight.

It is a slot that promises some impressive prizes, and from my experience, this title comes from a series of games known as Sword and the Grail.

I had a chance to play The Green Knight and below is my review:

Game Set-Up

Just like a majority of their other slots, Play n’ GO has used a 5x3 reel design here, with 20 lines available.

Free spins are my favourite features when it comes to slot feature, and I’m quite happy to see them here.

Other available features include wild multipliers, and they are equally important since they greatly boost your wins.

Betting and Prizes

The Green Knight allows bets of as little as $0.10. For higher budgets, the developer allows a maximum of $100 per bet. This huge betting range caters for all level of players, from the casual one to the high roller.

With some features like the wild multipliers, wins as high as 10,000x the stake is possible.

The RTP of 96.27% is fair and it helps in taming the game’s high volatility.

The Green Knight Slot Features

The Green Knight has several interesting features, and we will start by looking at the regular wild. This one can pay as much as 100x the stake for each line that it covers, and you can also use it as a substitute.

Multiplier wilds come in handy when you are seeking to boost wins. They can do so by applying 100x, 25x, 10x, 5x or 2x to your wins.

The ghost-like image is the Green Knight, accompanied by his armour, and the surrounding area offers a greenish atmosphere. This is the slot’s scatter symbol and one which you will use to trigger the free spins.

With 3, 4 or 5 such symbols appearing on the reels, the slot will offer you up to 100x the stake, in addition to 5 free spins.

While in the Free Spins mode, you get access to the Shield Spins. Again, this will give you another 5 rounds, with help coming from the wild multiplier that has triggered the round.

This gives way to as many as 5 spins, plus 100x wild multipliers.

Theme & Design

For the theme, The Green Knight gives us a story that touches on a knight from Camelot, known as Sir Gawain.

He is engaged in a fierce duel, where he aims to defeat the Green Knight. The fight occurs in the Green Chapel, and a film based on the same story is set to be released later in 2021.

Major symbols available include icons of Sir Gawain, Queen, Axe, Horse, and some Royals.

Others are Shields (wilds), and Green Knight (scatters).

Green Machine Slot Online


The Green Knight is one of the high-end slot titles that are synonymous with Play n’ GO.

In addition to its great features, this slot has serious potential, but its high volatility suggests its more suitable for more experienced gamers.

The Green Machine is one of the simplest slot machines you’ll find in casinos today. The gameplay for this video slot machine doesn’t involve following complicated and confusing line configurations. Instead, you win each dollar amount that lands on any of the 5 reels. Just add the dollar amounts together to get the total of your win on each spin. That’s it. The Green machine is WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.

You can play between 1 and 5 reels. Each reel has 3 rows so there’s a total of 15 places where a dollar amount can land. When you play all reels, you can win a free spin Bonus game. The Bonus free spins game plays the same as the normal game and may be re-triggered with another Free Spin symbol.

Green Cash Machine Slot

The unique gameplay with The Green Machine engenders extreme opinions of this slot machine. The only symbol you’ll see shows how much money you’ve won. Whether the symbols show $0.50 or $1,000 they all look similar. Unfortunately for players who want action, there are many symbols without dollar amounts. It isn’t rare to have a spin with 15 blank spaces showing. All blanks means you haven’t won on that spin. Even some winning spins may look boring with only one space showing a dollar amount and 14 blank spaces.

The Green Machine doesn’t provide as much stimulation as the video slot machines with upwards of 10 symbols per game and 100 lines. At the same time, the simplicity of The Green Machine is what attracts people to play this video slot machine.

This slot machine is a popular higher limit slot machine that you’ll see in almost every casino. The most frequent denomination for The Green Machine is $1. This keeps The Green Machine on the main casino floor where everyone can see it and outside of being located exclusively High Limits rooms. When you see The Green Machine in the High Limits room it’s usually the $5 per reel version of the game. The smallest win in the High Limits room is usually one credit or $5.

Green Machine Bonus Rounds

The Green Machine Bonus round is simple, yet exciting. Most accurate football prediction app. Free spins are always fun and winning is why we play slot machines. When you win during a free spin, you immediately know how much since you win the dollar amount shown on the screen. There aren’t any special line configurations to look up to see how and why you won. The Bonus free spins game may be extended when a Bonus free spins symbol lands on on the reels.

Some newer deluxe versions of The Green Machine video slot machine offer progressive jackpots. These jackpots can be a big deal for this video slot machine. The Green Machine is a highly volatile game which means that you’ll have very big wins but potentially many losses in between wins. This gives the progressive jackpots time to build up. More money played, the higher the progressive jackpot.

The Green Machine is one of the most loved and most hated slot machines in casinos today. There are people who love the simplicity of the gameplay. Others find the simplicity to be boring and would rather play a more flashy slot machine-like Big Bang Theory or Cleopatra. The high volatility of The Green Machine means that wins may be huge but there may be many losses between those big wins. All players can agree that there aren’t many slot machine symbols that they’d rather see than the $1,000 or $5,000 symbol in The Green Machine.


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