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The Future Of Satellite Internet

Written on May 27, 2018   By   in Internet

By now you know there is a third alternative for Internet services, that of satellite Internet. Its like satellite TV and operates according to the same technology; namely, a satellite in geostationary orbit that communicates with the mini dish outside your home at a rate equal to about 500-900 milliseconds. How serious is this threat from satellite Internet companies to established Internet service providers? Is it comparable to satellite TV vs cable TV war?

Though the technology is similar the market is largely different. Satellite TV is competing against network television, cable television and Internet TV. Satellite Internet is competing against cable companies, Internet providers and local phone companies. Satellite TV is far more established and has even secured a deal with the NFL and various high profile talents for exclusive content. Satellite Internet cannot boast such exclusivity. What it offers is high standard service and comparable features to the best of other high speed DSL Internet companies.

What consumer base does satellite Internet hope to reach? Initially, satellite Internet was the only option available to deep rural households, at least apart from extra slow dial up services. Satellite technology is based on airborne communication, not through links or ground cables. Therefore, satellite Internet is available to about 99% of all U.S. zip codes. The same certainly cannot be said of cable or phone providers, which operate through a headquarters that is located in heavy urban areas. Therefore, marketing to the rural population, who by now are aching for something faster than dial up, would be a satellite Internet companys first aim.

However, competition abounds today and many satellite Internet companies are branching out into urban markets as well as rural territories. These companies surely know that many customers are disgruntled with their traditional Internet service providers. Cable and telephone companies are notorious for bad customer service, as well as high rates and inferior quality service. Satellite Internet could be the welcomed alternative to traditional Internet services, especially when consumers consider the fact that the technology (though different) brings many of the same high performance results.

Price is always an issue to think over, and may be what scares people away from satellite. Todays satellite companies however are pricing their packages at affordable rates in order to compete against the cable companies. What they are doing is deferring heavy startup costs by signing customers to long-term contractors. This may not offer the freedom of cable Internet, but it does provide reliable satellite Internet for a comparably low price minus large startup fees.

Some of these companies are also offering web hosting packages and email features for the new subscriber. In the future, expect satellite Internet to grow as a realistic threat to the established Internet market. Cable companies are already suffering from the prevalence of satellite TV, and market research indicates that more and more residents are choosing satellite based technology for its low cost, convenience and nearly nationwide accessibility. For more information on ordering satellite Internet, look up satellite companies in your area.