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10 Countries With Highest Internet Speed During 2017

Ookla, is the company that created the Speedtest software. Software that serves to measure internet speed.

Towards the end of the year, Speedtest Ookla released the latest report on the list of countries with the highest internet speed.

Internet speed measurement in several countries worldwide from November 2016 to November 2017.

According to a survey of Speedtest Global Index, Friday (15/12/2017), reports also reveal the speed of the internet in the world is now growing more than 30 percent. Speed ​​is measured both from wired or mobile connections.

Furthermore, the report reveals the average download speed of countries in the world ranges from 40.11 Mbps for cable connection downloads, while for mobile connection downloads is 20.28 Mbps. As for cable upload speed of 19.96 Mbps and 8.65 Mbps mobile connection.

The growth of this aggressive speed is driven by an increase in internet networks in several countries, such as India, Australia and Norway.

In these three countries the speed of cable internet has rocketed 77 percent by 2017. In fact, all three are the countries with the greatest increase of the entire list.

So, how the fate of Indonesia? Noted, Indonesia actually increased. Surveys prove Indonesia has increased internet 18.1 percent from year to year in the category of mobile downloads.

The same growth also occurred in cable connection downloads, where Indonesia itself experienced an increase of 18.9 percent from year to year.

For information, the Speedtest Global Index survey compares internet speed data from all countries of the world in periodic, monthly intervals. In the internet speed test, they use more than 6,000 servers in more than 190 countries.

Countries included in the Internet speed test should have at least 3,333 unique user internet connection test results for cable connections, and 670 unique internet user speed test results for mobile connections.

For more information, here’s a list of internet download speeds with cable connections from a total of 133 countries:

1. Singapore – 153,85 Mbps

2. Iceland – 147.51 Mbps

3. Hong Kong – 133.94 Mbps

4. South Korea – 127.45 Mbps

5. Romania – 104.46 Mbps

6. Hungary – 92.47 Mbps

7. Macau – 87.14 Mbps

8. Sweden – 84.11 Mbps

9. Netherlands – 81.46 Mbps

10. Switzerland – 80.62 Mbps

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