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The 4 Most Popular Things Internet Providers Give Us

From silly videos of our cats playing in cardboard boxes to awesome opinion pieces on every topic you can imagine, Internet providers fill an innumerable amount of niche markets. Although you can easily pull up obscure photos from faded celebrities or your own family genealogical records, the most commonly available content on the Internet gives us a snapshot of where the public consciousness places importance. So here are the four things the Internet community loves more than anything else, Internet providers take note.

Diverse News and Opinions

As people search for more and more material to support their diverse political and social opinions, Internet providers supply a more dynamic and malleable platform for that material to thrive. Whether you are a staunch liberal, strict conservative, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of news sources and online publications from which you can find your favorite articles and content. As these pieces gain traction from shares on social media, ideas that might otherwise have failed to spread across traditional media like television are given the spotlight to the masses. As such, the Internet serves as a support network for fostering intellectual debate and discussion toward fruitful outcomes and solutions.

Social Media Sites

Speaking of ideas gaining traction, social media sites have proven to be the big business of the future; dramatically altering the way people connect with one another over the course of just a decade or so. As people become more and more reliant on the digital realm as a way of communicating for business, with family, or socially, social media sites come in to help facilitate those conversations. Popular sites may change from year to year, with the dominant social trend supporting one site over another, but the trend toward real time updates from one’s extended social network tends to be the general aim of each one. Whether one is sharing their favorite news stories, photos of their recent wedding, or a clip from their favorite show, they are more likely than ever to share that information on social media.

Web-based Visual Media

With video streaming becoming the preeminent platform from which the modern viewer watches their favorite media, the Internet has become vital to the entertainment industry. The traditional studio system and power structure of Hollywood is quickly losing its status as the ultimate source of visual media as independent productions have unprecedented access to mass audiences. This new form of web-based media is essentially limitless, from the production of popular web series, movies that premiere to online audiences and circumvent the theater release platform, or smaller film projects geared toward one’s own social network. Whatever the intended subject matter or audience, web series and media only need that first share from one person to another in order to start generating an audience and becoming the next big thing.

New Music

In addition to the dramatic shift in the way we receive visual media, audio media and music is rapidly shifting toward a much denser focus on digital consumption. The record sales from physical stores are becoming a thing of the past as most audiences choose to download mp3 copies of their favorite tracks. Internet providers supply a platform for musicians across the globe to share their music to any audience they choose without a necessary recording contract like artists of the past. While those systems remain intact for larger artists, fledgling acts are able to get started more easily than ever before.

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