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Steam Tower

Tower Unite is a large online multiplayer game that spans several genres. Play fully featured minigames such as Minigolf, Accelerate, Ball Race, Virus, Zombie Massacre, and more! Hang out and enjoy various games at the virtual theme park filled with activities and games called the Plaza!

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  • Tower!3d Pro provides you with flight strips, ground and air radar screens and a full 3D view of each airport. Tower!3D Pro is no arcade game. With a complex command structure, advanced AI and Speech Recognition technology Tower!3D Pro will allow you to experience of the thrill of being a real air traffic controller. 3 photorealistic airports.
  • In this game the FPS aspect is more heavily emphasized, and the towers assist the player more than the player assists the towers. Towers definitely still play an important role, but the player often needs to do a lot of the work, especially for early waves.

Best Steam Tower Defense Games

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Steam Tower

The wombat says: Well well well, look at the Steam Tower slot! It’s a steam-punk inspired game complete with a one-armed hero, a fiery dragon and a helpless damsel. It’s also a multi-level game with a tiered playing structure which means the further up the tower you go, the more bonuses, multipliers and cash you’ll win. This game was designed by NetEnt, those guys and girls behind the Sparks Slot machine (that one is a bit different!)

‘So what’s this Steampunk business all about then?’ I hear you ask. Well Wombat fans let me reach for the blackboard, and I’ll tell you… Although the word was actually added to The Oxford English Dictionary in 2015, the first ever steampunk convention took place in 2006 and is: ‘…a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology…’

Well that’s as clear as mud. Basically the term originated from sci-fi geeks and is all about mixing modern-day tech with the style and philosophy of the Victorian age. Think Around The World In 80 Days and you’re not far off…Talking of which you could also try the Around the World slot which we also have on Wombat Casino!

So, climb the tower, save the princess from the nasty dragon and win big while you’re at it. Ok, the game is far more complicated than that, but we’ll get to the slot mechanics later on…If you think that’s a crazy idea, you obviously haven’t player the Machine Gun Unicorn slot which is, erm, about unicorns saving ponies from zombies.

Look and Feel

Steam Tower Slot Game

NetEnt’s Steam Tower slot offers some really stylish graphics that are perfectly in keeping with the industrial steampunk theme. The reels are set against a backdrop of smoking chimneys and ye olde industrial England, while the symbols themselves spin on a rusty steam-spewing tower. You’ll see that there are 16 floors, each of which has different rewards and bonuses. There’s a ‘Floor Meter’ just below the reels and a ‘Tower Meter’ to the side to let you know how you’re doing – these are also nicely designed with Victorian-style levers.

Then there’s the soundtrack. The background music sounds like the theme tune to a Sherlock Holmes or Jack The Ripper BBC series, giving the slot a slightly sinister vibe. During the Free Spin Bonus, the graphics come alive as Mr Steampunk Dude uses his grappling hook arm to shoot up and climb the tower. As he’s climbing, we’re also treated to a flash of the fearsome dragon who swoops across the screen every time you reach a new level.

Game Play

This is a 5 reel, 3 row and 15 pay-line game, which keeps things nice and simple. Your low value card symbols are all decorated with gears and cogs, which is a nice Steampunk touch, while the one-armed Steampunk Dude, the Damsel, the creepy Red Dragon’s Eye, the Tower and the Grapple Hook are the high paying symbols. Keep your eyes peeled for the The Red Dragon’s Eye as it’s the biggest payer on the reels, scooping you 2000 coins for 5 in a row.

The wild symbol in this game is the green Grapple Hook. Land 1 or more of these Wilds on the reels during the Free Spins round and x2 additional spins are awarded to you. You’ll progress to the next floor up, until you’ve reached the 16th floor – where you’ll resuce the damsel in distress.

Steam Tower also uses stacked Wilds on all the reels during the base game, which makes this wombat happy. The base game acts like your average fruity slot, until you hit the Free Spins feature that is, which is much more interesting. Here you’ll find win multipliers up to x7.

Free Spin Feature

Here’s where it gets complicated… You’ll set off the Free Spins bonus when one or more of the stacked Wild symbols lands on, and covers, a whole reel – and this will get you 10 Free Spins no matter how many Wilds you landed to begin with! A quick tip: You’ll actually have to click the ‘Start Free Spins’ button on your control panel to activate the Bonus, so if you’ve wandered off to make a cuppa and are in Auto Play mode, the reels will be waiting to be sent into motion.

During the Spins, the stacked Wilds are replaced with single wild symbols. The first indicator on the dashboard will show which floor you’re on, the next one will show the number of spins left, while the last one will show which win multiplier you’ve reached. Players will always start on floor 1, with 10 free spins and a x2 multiplier.

Level Multipliers

Are you still with me? Ok good. So for each spin that lands 1 or more wild symbols, the floor indicator will increase by +1, and you’ll get x2 extra free spins. The multipliers will increase on the 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th and 16th floors, giving you x3, x4, x5, x6 and x7 your win. Hurrah!

Every time a Grappling Hook shows up on the reels, you’ll also get 2 more free spins and climb up an extra floor. And, if you manage to reach the 16th floor, and the scoop the x7 multiplier, you’ll also be given a top floor bonus of 1000 coins! Hang on, we need a little lie down… All remaining (and any new spins) will end with the x7 multiplier. The Free Spins round also ends when no more spins are available. And sadly for us all Slot Fans, there’s no way to re-trigger the feature.

Mobile Ready

The Steam Tower slot is fully powered up for mobiles and tablets- the version for smaller screens is called Steamtower Touch. The designers have done a fantastic job with this- as soon as you spin the rells for the first time it goes full screen. Swipe down to come out of full screen mode and hit the 3 bar menu to change your bet size.
You can play Steam Tower in portrait or landscape mode. We prefer the sideways mode.


The game has the potential to be an absolute cracker of a slot. With its quirky theme, excellent graphics and multi-level game play, this wombat had very high expectations of Steam Tower slot. The problem is, you’re going to have to trigger, then play, the Free Spin Bonus round many many many times before you’ll make it to the 16th floor and actually save the poor damsel from the dragons clutches.

And, here’s the rub; it’s actually very tricky to get past level 8 in a single bonus round. This means two things: Firstly you won’t be achieving the mega multipliers very often, so the big wins aren’t that prolific, and secondly, by time you reach the blonde chick at the top of the tower she’ll almost definitely be an octogenarian. Either that, or the dragon will have munched her.

Still, the slot is worth a spin for its unique mechanics – and we do love the Steampunk Dude and his mechanical bonus arm!

Wombat score: 4/5

The free Steam Tower slot machine is a brand new slot machine consisted of 5 reels, released in 2015 by Net Entertainment Company. It combines many innovative and advanced features that make up the reputation of NetEnt. This slot is similar to Spinata Grande.

Steam tower defense game

Once we start playing this slot, we get the feeling we are on a captivating journey set in the 19th century. The theme of this machine is inspired by the Victorian style, with a modern mechanical interface.

Bonus Symbols & Features

We have 8 icons in the free online Steam Tower free slot. The first four are J, Q, K and A. Other symbol is matched to game name, also Princess, Man with the hat, and the last one and the most paying one, Dragon Eye are included. It can bring 2000.00 credits with 5 symbols matched. However, its price, as well as the price of other icons, depends on our stake.

Stacked Wilds and Free Spins. When we see the man with a hat who is covering the whole reel, then we know that the extra spins feature is triggered. One or more Stacked Wilds in the entertainment start 10 complimentary round, and you start this bonus game on the first floor.

The purpose of this bonus is to climb to the last step. Free spins are played on same bet level, bet lines, and coin value as the round that activated this bonus round Also, we can see Floor Meter that displays on which floor we are, Multiplier Meter displays the current multiplier, and Tower Meter shows current multiplier and our position.

Wild Symbols. This card is the joker for Steam Tower slot. It substitutes all symbols. When we have 10 Free Spins, and we get this Wild symbol anywhere on the reels, it increases the number of additional rounds by 2, and we climb to the next floor.

Bonuses. When players come to the top floor (16), they are rewarded with a payment of 1000 credits multiplied by the stake level.

Lines, Bet, & Coin Value

Steam Tower Defense Games Reddit

This game can be played on 15 lines (the lines are adjusted automatically). Moreover, there are 1 to 10 bet levels, and 0.01 to 1.00 coin value. We are switching these parameters by clicking on plus and minus signs.

Winning Odds at Steam Tower Slot

  • RTP for this game is 97%, but it doesn’t mean that every gameplay pays this percentage;
  • This is not a progressive machine. Therefore, we have a chance to win smaller prices, but more often;
  • You should set up the stake that suits you, but keep the number of line patterns at max. This won’t be a problem here since they are fixed by default.

Beneficial Functions

Paytable. This option allows us to see all the symbols from the game, their functions, and payments. In the game’s settings, we can turn ON or OFF the quick spin, intro screen, and ambiance and sound effects. Reno small business bingo. Plus, we have the option to change the graphics quality. A suggestion for the players who play on older PCs – adjust the details’ quality at a medium or low level so that you can play without lags.

Auto Play. This option is used for spinning a certain number of times until the player stops it. Before you start the auto play, set the wager per round, since this auto mode will play by it.

Who Offers Steam Tower For Free?

Slotozilla offers this slot for PC, mobiles, and tablets. Players can also download the app called “Free Slots“ from Google Play and on iOS, Android, and Blackberry phones. For the real-currency mode, you need to register and place a deposit in your account.