Raffle Roulette App

  • Import users in any format

    Import a list of participants from an Excel, CSV or Text file - or simply copy and paste a list of names.

  • Manage duplicates and extra entries

    Choose whether to skip duplicate entries, or reward repeat participants with extra prize draw entries.

  • Choose the number of winners

    Select as many winners as you want, up to 1000. Pick alternates in case you can't contact a winner.

  • Certificate of validity

    Crazy money 2 free online. Generate a permanent, public certificate to prove that your giveaway was fair. Share the certificate with participants and build trust in your brand.

  • Broadcast Mode

    Announce winners online and on social media with an exciting video. Get an instant, animated video with thrilling sound effects. Available in vertical and horizontal formats. Learn more

  • Contact the winners

    Use the automated email platform to notify the winners. Set up the Claim Your Prize page for winners to verify their identity, share contact details, and collect their prizes.


Raffle Roulette Wheel App

You have to make a decision and don't know what to choose? Sometimes it is better to leave it all to fate! The Decision Roulette helps you to choose among the various options available. You can write from 2 to 50 options in different roulettes and use them whenever you want. You can also add images to each option. The images must be png/jpg and must be stored in your device. Virtually Experience Casino on Roulette Royale with the best designed wheel and friendly tables. Immediate Bonus Chips. This is a simulation and NOT a real money paying game. Game Features:. Offline European and American Roulette simulator. Easy to switch between single zero & double zero roulettes from Settings. Join Live Multiplayer Tables and Play Tournament Challenges. Download for free to: 🏆 Create custom raffles and random prize or name draws 🎉 Make your social party games even more entertaining 🎰 Make your own roulettes and spinner wheels 🎲 Do 'flip a coin', roulettes, dice rolls on the wheel 😊 Help you make a decision in a fun way 🌎 Share created wheels with the world. .THE MOST POWERFUL NAME PICKING APP FOR ANDROID, 100% FREE AND OPEN-SOURCE. Great for: ★ Choosing students to call on in class ★ Raffles and other prize giveaways ★ Creating groups ★ Figuring out what to do ★ Simplifying all of your important decisions Features: - Create, rename, and maintain custom lists of names. Names can be added, deleted, changed, or duplicated - Choose any. A simple and amazing way to create your own raffles. With RaffleName you can: - Create unlimited lists. Add names and tickets.