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MyVegas is a slot machine game available onApples App Store, Google Play Store, and Facebook Play. It is quickly becomingone of the top most popular casino games because of how easy it is to play andwin real-life prices. The reason is that instead of winning only in-gamecredits, you get a chance to win prizes such as a trip to Vegas, a free night’sstay at a Vegas hotel, free dining or even tickets to a show in Las Vegas! Howgreat is that!

How to Redeem myVegas Rewards How to redeem rewards in myVegas Slots 2020. You now have a lot of myVegas Loyalty Points. So now you're asking 'How do I redeem myVegas Slots Rewards' I'm sure.

Loyalty Points + Extra Payment for Resort Fee and Tax: 200,000 LP + $44 Regular Price: $157.60 (prices may change) myVEGAS Maximum Redemption Limit. There is a maximum redemption limit of 3 rewards for MGM resorts every 30 days. For example, if you redeemed your third reward on December 15, the next available reward can be only be redeemed on. MyVEGAS slots Free Chip Links. Simply Click, and Collect! MyVEGAS Slots Mobile version of the game is a great way to accrue your loyalty points. It was designed to supplement for the desktop Facebook version, but since can play anywhere and anytime, it is the favorite of many myVEGAS players and arguably the best way to earn those Loyalty Points.

Before you set off to play the game, thereare a few things you will need to know to maximize how much you can earn on thegame and to better plan how to redeem and use up your rewards.

The first thing you should probably know isthat the rewards are redeemable in Vegas, so if you are planning to visit Vegasanytime soon, or know someone who is, then this is the place to be. If you arenot planning on visiting Vegas, then there are probably other games out therebetter suited for you that offer real cash.

Like I mentioned before, MyVegas isavailable on Facebook, iOS, and Android. However, to earn the most loyaltypoints, you will need to play it on Facebook. You make the least amount ofpoints when you play on Android. According to the MyVegas FAQs, this hassomething to do with the rules about giveaways on each of the app stores. Gofigure.

Regardless of where you would like to play,I would suggest that you ensure that you are signed in to your Facebook on allthe platforms so that your points can sync up. You don’t want to be losing anypoints.

Another thing to note is that you will needa constant internet connection to play. This is something to continuallyremember if you have limited data and are on the move. This is where the mobileversions of the games come in handy; you can log on and play whenever you canon your mobile device while on the go, and as long as you are signed into yourFacebook all your points will be synced up. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me.

MyVegas Gameplay

Upon signing up, you are given a smallreserve of chips to start you off. You will want to play and win more chips toenable you to raise your bets and of course, will allow you to continueplaying. The real objective, however, is to rack up those loyalty points. Theseare yellow coins that you will be awarded based on the amounts of chips youplay. The smaller the chips, the lower the chances of getting the loyaltypoints, the higher the chips, the higher the chances of getting awarded loyaltypoints. Go big or go home right

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These loyalty points are what is redeemedfor the real-life Vegas rewards we talked about earlier. So, trust when I sayyou will want to rack up as many of those loyalty points as you can.

Should you ever run out of chips to play,you can use real money to buy more. However, there’s a better option. You canvisit the MyVegas Facebook page, which gives out codes for 5,000 chips daily.It’s not much, but it is a lot better than spending real money from your pocketto buy more chips.

Pro Tips and Tricks

This happens to be a simple guide on how toearn those loyalty points faster. MyVegas slot machines are based on chance,and there’s not much we can do about that. But these are the things you can doto better your chances.

  1. Stock Up on Chips

You will need as many chips as you can get.Remember to win big you must play big. But if you are unlucky and have just afew thousand chips, you could lose them all in only a few minutes. So will needA LOT of chips. MyVegas slots is a game of chance at its core. This means thatthe more you play, the higher your chances of winning. And you need chips toplay. That’s all you need to know.

  • Log in Ever Day

This doesn’t necessarily mean that youspend hours every day playing, no. That would be unreasonable; you have thingsto do and a life to live. You will, however, need to log in every day just fora few minutes so that you can collect your daily spin. It is also a fantasticway to rack up those chips for when you have the time to sit down and play.

  • Collect your Free Chips

When you log into the mobile app, there’s abright purple button on the bottom right corner that allows you to collect freechips. This recharges every four hours and will award you a specific number ofchips based on your level. You should do this as often as you can and stock upon as many chips as you can.

Play both the Facebook and Mobile Version

You need to play both versions of the game to better your chances of getting those loyalty points. Like I mentioned above, the Facebook version will allow you to earn more points because if it’s less restrictive regulations on giveaways while on the other hand the mobile version is more readily accessible on your mobile device and allows you to stock up on chips. To beat the odds, you will need to play on both platforms and above all, ensure you are signed in to your Facebook on your mobile device to ensure all your points sync up.

  • Pick your Missions Wisely

Missions are another quick way to earnchips and loyalty points. Mastering missions means you get to collect theseeven faster. The trick here is to pick the most straightforward tasks first. Anexcellent place to start would be with Bet Max Missions; here, once you’veplayed the set amount, then you’ve beaten the purpose.

25 free spins pragmatic playground. Immediately you have earned enough loyaltypoints; you are ready to hit the streets of Vegas! Once there, you will need topick where you would like to spend your points because you can only redeem threerewards within thirty days. Go through your itinerary and figure out where the awardswould work best.

Note that most of the prizes are for MGM Resortsand Casinos like The MGM Grand, New York, and Excalibur. Although this meansyou cannot redeem your points at the other mega-casinos, it will help you planout your trip better, knowing where you may be able to get a deal.

Myvegas Loyalty Points 2020 Free

MyVegas Slots may not be a real cash game,but the value it offers is just as good. After all, money saved is moneyearned. And this is sure to save you some serious cash on your trip to Vegas.

Here is a YouTube link to more MyVegas Tipson Winning loyalty points:

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Happy gaming.