How Many Levels Are There In Coin Master


Boom villages are villages in Coin Master where you get more gold and rare cards then in other villages. In Coin Master they don’t tell you which village you should stay a little but longer, so we do! Read this post and you know the Coin Master boom villages. Below you find the Coin Master card list.

Buying chests in villages

In every village you can buy chests with all sort of cards. Some cards are common and you will get these a lot. Some cards are a little rare. These cards you get once in a while. Some cards are extremely rare. That means that it might take you ages and you have to buy a lot of chests to get them. And finaly there are gold cards. These cards are mostly rare and cannot be traded with other people without a specific gold trade event. So you have to get these cards out of chests (or in Viking Quest or Joker event).

How Many Levels Are There In Coin Masters

The TreasurePro metal detector has great specs and features for its price. It operates at 8.2 kHz and comes with a 10” DD searchcoil. Right off the bat, it’s right within the Goldilocks frequency zone for coins, and the searchcoil will provide increased depth and good target separation. How many levels are there in Coin Master? There is a total of 221 levels in this game. As mentioned above, the levels are in the form of villages. If you built one village ultimately, you move to the next town, and that means your level is up at this point. Can I get free spins?

To buy chests you need coins. Use these Free Spins issued by Coin Master every day to buy more chests!

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Boom villages

Chances of getting rare or gold cards in villages differ. Some villages are better to stay a while and keep buying chests. These villages are called boom villages. And even while it is not exact science you’d better follow these hints. An extra hint from me: stay a little while in the villages just below and after the boom villages. For some people these villages just give them those extra cards they need.

Check out these Boom Villages in Coin Master. Find out in which village you need to buy your chests! #coinmaster #boomvillages @bestcmstrategy

Coin Master boom villages list


Below you will find the list of alle villages that people found the most cards in.

Coin Master card list level

How Many Levels Coin Master Has

The list above is not a complete Coin Master card list. It is a list of all villages you should be staying a little longer buying chests so you can get more gold and rare cards. There is no such list of all cards. If you like to know in which set a card is just ask me or in one of the Coin Master Facebook groups. If you are just wondering how many villages there are in Coin Master, check out this post.

What are your best villages for cards?

How Many Levels Are There In Coin Master Coins

Did you get a lot of gold cards and rare cards in the boom villages? Or did you get a lot of good cards on other villages? Please comment below so we can help eachother get the most out of the villages!