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Choosing Celebrities to Contact

The importance of preparation

Contacting celebrities can be time-consuming and expensive if youdo it wrong, so it makes sense to have a solid plan before youstart reaching out to people.

Prepare your campaign materials thoroughly before you evenconsider which celebrities you want to get on board. The peopleyou reach out to will not be able to see your vision unless youhave mapped it all out well in advance, and they will be countingon your strength and clarity to energize and motivate them.

Forming your plan

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  • What kind of campaign are you running? (Gala event, auction,online awareness?)
  • What age group do you want to reach?
  • How do you want to use your celebrity supporters? (Eventattendance, video, radio, social media, meet-and-greet?)
  • Who influences your supporters? (Musicians, scientists,business people?)

All of this will affect which celebrity you want to workwith. Creating a clear vision will help you progress moresmoothly.

Once you know what you want to accomplish - and how you plan toaccomplish it - take time to consider who will most effectivelyreach and influence your audience.

Don’t just contact a celebrity because you like his TV show. Whatappeals to you personally should play very little part in yourdecision making.

If you are looking to engage a young, tech-savvy crowd, make sureyou reach out to celebrities with a good online presence. However,if you are looking to reach a more mature and affluent market, youshould choose to contact celebrities who have influence in thisarea.

Also important is that the celebrity has shown an interest inyour field. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Does she have a personal connection to your cause? That willhelp to keep her support for you constant, and also lendscredibility to her charitable actions. Many people are skepticalabout celebrities’ reasons for getting involved, so it helps toshow that she is truly connected to your cause.
  • Is he already overstretched? If his time is already fullyabsorbed by his own projects, he might not have the time orenergy to dedicate to your organization.
  • Does she avoid the media spotlight? If she tries to keep to herself anddoesn’t want cameras following her around, she probably won’twork to get you the attention you are after.
  • Are his fans the right type of people to support your cause?
  • Are fans likely to get involved at all based on her type ofparticipation and how you are using her support? If she prefersto make anonymous donations, that is great, but it won’t bringher fans to your website or events.
  • Will his involvement affect how your current supporters feelabout you in a positive way? If your current supporters aremostly older, bringing a young celebrity on board isn’t likelyto excite them, and vice versa.
  • If you go with a celebrity who provokes controversy, will thepublicity you receive be the sort of publicity you want? Somecelebrities have unique methods of keeping their names in thenews. This might be okay for some organizations; make sure it isright for yours if you choose to work with them.

Once you choose your celebrities, do even more research. Whatother organizations have they supported?* What have they done toshow their support? How has that turned out for the group?

* If you are representing a large non-profit with offices inseveral locations, check with the other offices to see ifthey have had any celebrity involvement. Know who hassupported your charity previously, even if you haven’tworked with them in your branch. You would be surprised howoften non-profits get in touch asking us to add them to oursite when they are already listed, and are then surprised tolearn about the celebrities who have supported them in thepast!

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Need help figuring out who to contact?

Hollywood Bet Contact Support

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