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Here's a power-tip for busy bosses and in demand staff. With appointment slots you can designate specific days and times where your colleagues can book appointments and meetings

This is a simple but little known tip which can have a big impact for people with busy schedules who want to enable their staff or colleagues to book meetings with them.

Go to your calendar and in Week view or Day view click anywhere on the grid and notice the Appointment slots text in the pop-up box or you can click the + Create button in the top left.

Clicking on Appointment slots shows the details available to define slots

Go to your calendar and in Week view or Day view click anywhere on the grid and notice the Appointment slots text in the pop-up box or you can click the + Create button in the top left. Clicking on Appointment slots shows the details available to define slots. Appointment slot title; Calendar drop-down: Select the calendar you want to use. Customize appointment details, booking requirements, and specify service providers to streamline the booking experience. Integration with staff’s Office calendar helps to quickly find available time to avoid double-booking, and an easy to navigate webpage lets your customers find and book appointments around the clock.

  • Appointment slot title
  • Calendar drop-down: Select the calendar you want to use
  • Type: Click the dropdown to select either:
  • Single Slot
  • Slots with duration

If you click more options this will open the appointment slots details page, you can add more details (location, description, guests) and also create repeat appointment slots which you can find under custom..

The appointment slots details page also provides a URL to This calendar's appointment page which can be shared with your colleagues. To access this link just click the link ‘This Calendar’s appointment page’ next to the world icon.

Appointment slots can be used with publicly shared calendars although a user needs a valid Google login account in order to be able to make a booking.

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appointment planner by time slots


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G Suite Calendar Appointment Slots

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G Suite Calendar Appointment Slots Download

The calendar is not difficult to find now since it’s an age of internet and there are a lot of shops on the internet that provides huge opportunity to acquire lots of calendars. Google Calendar will help with that. If you find yourself with a home made calendar, then it would be a good deal simpler and efficient to carry out daily life tasks. If you’re on the lookout for completely free printable calendars for kids, you’re find here a complete group of resources that you may use for your own kids to print out and begin utilizing for their preparation jobs.