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You find a rare cards list for your coin master game. Coin Master is a social and is a online slots machine game. In addition, you can leverage social media to get more cards for the Coin Master and finish the set of cards. If you would like to know what is the Coin Master Rare Card, then here is the list of the Coin Master Rare Cards. You can follow it.

Rare Cards List for Coin Master

Here we are providing the name of 55 Rare Cards of Coin Master. I would like to give you a tip to get this card very comfortably. If you follow Facebook you can get these cards very quickly. and also chack this FreeSpinLink.com

  • Coin master card collection: The tips for finding gold cards. The best way to find gold cards is to look at the number of stars on the card. If the card has one or two stars, buy a wooden chest if the card has three stars buy a gold chest, if the chest has four stars then you should buy a magical chest.
  • Just needlepoint and zip together-no finishing necessary. Kits include preassembled Stitch & Zip® case with design in color on 14-mesh canvas front and blue zip-on suedecloth backing, cotton floss, needle, and directions. Credit card/coin case, 4 1/2' x 3 1/4'. Cosmetic case, 7' x 4 3/4'. Eyeglass case, 3 1/2' x 7'.

Flamingo (FLM) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Flamingo is a full-stack, interoperable, decentralized financial protocol built on the NEO Blockchain. The Flamingo project, cherished by Neo Global Development (NGD), emphasizes Neo's vision of building a smart economy, in which decentralized finance is an important component.

1.Martian Lettuce:- The Martian Lotus Card is a bit rarer and is a little harder to get. And you can bring the help of your friends to get it. Because this card is available in some villages and it is very difficult to get only one card.

2.Torero:- Speaking of the Torrero card, this is a very rare card. But not as rarer as “Martian Lotus”.

3.Barrel Tank:- This card is also a bit difficult to obtain and vary high rare card. If you buy a few million chests in his village, you can get this card.

4.Farmer Feng:- You can get the help of your friends to get this very rare card. This card is not special rar.

5.Santa:- anta is a rar card and has a little trouble getting it.

6.Creaky Crow:- very high rare

7.Kettle:- mid rare

8.Mythical Tune:- high rare

9.Smoking Pipe:- low

10.Satyr:- very low


11.Aztec Princess:- high rare

12.Hobby Horse:- high rare

13.Elder Elk:- mid rare

14.Excalibur:- rare

15.Nessie:- high

16.Gentle Delphi:- vary rare

17.Cleopatra:- high rare

18.Tall Tim:- very high rare

19.Fighting Monk:- low

20.Portly Pete:- not much high

21.Kingsfoil:- low rare

22.Fighting Fred:- vart low rare

23.Baby Triss:- mid rare
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24.Frida:- also mid rare card

25.Jelly Fish:- high

26.Phantom:- little high

27.Mighty Wizard:- mid rare

28.Santa’s Sled:- low rare

29.Holy Monk:- mid

30.Cheerful Chad:- low

31.Fondue:- mid rare

32.Flamur, the Flutist:- high

33.Little Lenya:- vary rare to obtain

34.Mythical Dome:- very high

35.Evidence:- vary rare

36.Medusa:- low rare

37.Flamingo:- mid rare

38.Genie:- little mid rare card

39.Gnome House:- very rare get to esi

40.Silverback:- high rare

41.Scarecrow:- vary high rare

42.Santa’s Helper:- most rare

43.Merry Matilda:- low rare

44.Toto:- low rare

45.African Warrior:- vart low rare

46.El Tiger:- mid rera

47.Mastership:- vary mid rare

48.Diablo:- low

49.Magic Tree:- high

Flamingo Card Coin Master

50.Pink Eddy:- low

Flamingo Card Coin Mastercard

51.Builder Beaver:- mid rare

52.Olympias:- vary low

53.Sneaky Jaguar:- mid

54.Caring Cathy:- vary low

55.Martian Wine:- vart low

How To Get Flamingo Card In Coin Master

We hope this list will help you get your Rare Card and if you have any questions, please ask us. In the Coin Master’s card list we have changed the name of the card from time to time. From which you stay updated.