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Oldschool 3-reel, single payline slot centered around hunting Double Diamond symbols for 1000x payouts. The 5-payline version of the Diamonds slot described above, multiple times the payouts. Jackpot $ 311,923.50. 5-reel, 30-payline slot based on the famous board game. Comes with a Level Up feature, multiple Bonus. Cleopatra Plus Slots. Cleopatra, who was the last active pharaoh of Egypt, is one of the most famous names in Ancient History. She was a strong, powerful leader who ruled Egypt for 21 years, and now she’s had an online casino slot game, Cleopatra Plus, made in her honour by IGT (International Gaming Technology). Family Guy slot has a non-progressive jackpot bonus of up to 5000x your stake. You only need to place the maximum bet of $2,500 per line to win this bonus. Family Guy Slot RTP. The family Guy video slot has an RTP of 96%, making it a medium variance online casino game. It is a game that you should try. Family Guy decided to deploy it in its fourth episode, just in case the first three hadn't cemented that there were no rules. Typical to the show's humor, time travel would be used later on to. Basics: How the Oddball Family Guy Online Slots Work. Bigger wins on the Family Guy slots come from the character symbols. All the main characters are there. Peter and Louis pay the most, followed by Brian, Stewie, Chris and Meg. Popular props from the show including a space gun, teddy bear, TV and bottle of beer make up the smaller wins. Wilds are in play. These show the familiar Family Guy logo.

The gamingcabinet series from igt is designed to provide immerse fun to participants worldwide. Only premium platform technology is used to power these products to generate items that clients can use right away. All these are backed by igt’s unmatched reliability, service, and quality. Examples of superior products from the company include:

  • G20 Version 2

This sets high standards when it comes to entertaining and comforting igtgameplay. It comes with a 20 inch 16:9 MLD or high-definition standard display. This features LED backlighting offering a greener solution. Comparing it to the first version, users agree that it is much faster, sleeker, and has brighter enhancements. It also comes with a polygon topper that a player can use for impactful messaging. Additionally, it supports igt’s multigame library which enables the addition of vast themes to the platform.

  • G23V2 Premium Widescreen

This is among igt’s top-notch models. It presents users with more personal space as well as amazing sound. The product comes with a 22 MLD or 23 inches high-definition LCD that enhances the display performance. It is also RoHS compliant, server-based ready, and runs the most recent AVP titles.

  • G20 Bar Top

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  • Universal Slant

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  • E20 Upright for Lottery

The highlights for this product is that it lasts longer and is extremely comfortable. It is an affordable solution for CDS markets, taverns and bars, and video lotteries. The machine is very easy to use and features superior AVP technology. The company made this with top-security in mind.


Igt reassures clients that when it comes to its onlinegame selection, it does not follow the pack, but the company actually creates the market trends. It prides itself in a huge collection of outstanding games that casino operators can use to attract many contestants. All productions from the firm come with high-features allowing individuals to enjoy an immersive and exciting igt gaming experience regardless of the casino they choose. The official igt website avails different categories for anyone who wants to exploit casino titles. These include:

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With slots from this firm, you can play igt slots online from your computer or a portable gadget. The developer optimizes a majority of their casino titles so that you can have fun when you want to play using your smartphone or tablet. Be ready to get into a sea of slots when you are on your gadget because the firm does not want any person to miss out on the fun because of the platform they are using to play. This means that you can play slots, table casinogames, and other titles you want to uncover. Just make sure that your gadget is well charged so that you do not face any interruptions enjoying igt productions.

  • Treasures of Troy.
  • Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play.
  • Carts.
  • Elvis.

The above are a few examples of the casino igtgames you can have a blast with on your phone or even tablet.

History of IGT

Igt was founded in 1981. Its headquarters are found in the UK but it also has operating headquarters in Las Vegas, Italy, Rome, Providence, Rhode Island, and Nevada. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange trading under the symbol “IGT. The firm has over 12,000 employees attracting top talent in the industry. You can best describe this as a forward-thinking company that is the vanguard of casinogame invention. Currently, the firm is in about a hundred countries with over 300 locations in Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, South and North America. Over the years, igt has been receiving numerous awards for the good work it does in the casinogaming industry. Among these include:

  • Leader of the Year awarded to Jennifer Bowman at the Women Gaming Awards
  • iCap Re-Certification
  • Awards for Social Responsibility
  • Casino Equipment Supplier given at the Annual International Gaming Awards

The list above is not exhaustive because the firm has been winning awards in different years. This goes to show that professional bodies out there also recognize the innovation and excellence of the technology, service, products, and casino gaming experience that the company offers.

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When Seth MacFarlane first created Family Guy, he probably did not realize that it would become the next great cartoon creation after The Simpsons and South Park.

Now you can join Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian plus a host of other characters from the TV series in this laugh-a-minute new slot game from IGT.

Overview: Family Guy

Family Guy is presented in the same cartoon-style format as the TV show and in that respect, it is a faithful port over. The characters all look and sound exactly the same as on the TV show, with the same quirks and foibles. In terms of presentation and sounds, the Family Guy slot absolutely delivers on all counts quite brilliantly.

At its core, it is a 5×3 slot, but IGT has added plenty of quirks to the game. Sure there’s the usual Wilds and Scatters but a host of bonus features, inspired by comedy moments from the show, mean that you will never tire of the slot.

With spins starting from $0.50 up to $1,500 per spin and a maximum win of 250,000 coins, it also offers a healthy payout too.

Who will the Family Guy slot appeal to?

It is fair to say that the Family Guy slot will appeal to a broad section of people.

It will be a hit with New Jersey online slot lovers because of the fantastic presentation, good-sized jackpot and the fantastic array of bonus features and games which really help bring the slot to life.

Add into that the humor in the slot and you have a game that not only instantly appeals but has longevity too.

There’s also immediate appeal to people who enjoy the cartoon because of how faithful the slot is in developing and portraying the characters from the TV show.

However, it should be noted that this is very much an adult slot. As fans of the TV show will be aware, it may be a cartoon show, but it does deal with more adult themes at times and these are evident in the slot.

So if you are a tad on the prudish side, then it may be best to load up a different game.

Gameplay: Family Guy

The base game itself is fun and jaunty to play, with the Family Guy theme as the background music and the main characters the high symbols on the reels and other objects made famous in the show amongst the low symbols on the reels.

Spins play out relatively quickly and there is an Autospin feature you can use if you prefer to let the software take the strain.

However, I’d advise against that as this is a base game that is packed to the brim with action. My one bug bear is that without the features, the base game wins tend to be small, not even matching your wager in most cases, which is a frustration as it doesn’t seem like a win when you are losing 95 percent of your stake.

However, if you persevere, then you are in for a treat due to the base game features.

These are the Griffin Family features and there are four that you can trigger.

  • Peter can appear and when he does he will pass wind and give you an instant cash award of 4x to 100x your bet.
  • Stewie will zap the reels with his ray gun and in doing so can create extra wilds.
  • Lois turns one, two or three symbols on the reels into scatter symbols, offering you the chance to win between 1x and 1000x your bet
  • Brian can appear when only a single Bonus symbol shows up on the reels (and this happens a lot) and when he does he can give you one or two additional bonus symbols, the second of these triggering the World Bonus game.

It is the World Bonus game that unlocks some of the special features of the game and lifts the slot onto a higher level, with the chance of winning some serious money.

Watch the video below as PlayUSA’sAnthony Cicali gives a tour of Family Guy at Golden Nugget online casino.Tune in to Twitch for more streaming video.

Special features: Family Guy

The special feature round is accessed by landing three or more bonus symbols across the reels. You will land one relatively frequently, two also often enough but three does take a little while to hit. However, it is worth persevering as the rewards can be great.

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When you hit three bonus symbols, you are taken to the World Bonus game. Here Stewie’s plan for world domination will be put into effect and all you have to do is spin the globe to decide which of the three bonus games you will play:

1. The Drunken Clam Bonus

This is a pick ‘em game where you select from one of four characters – Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland or Joe – and then pick between beers and other cash prizes round after round until your character passes out.

If another character passes out before yours, you earn a multiplier on your win.

2. The Chicken Fight Bonus

Another pick ’em game this time though you pick your fighter and watch as they battle it out against a giant chicken for three rounds. If your fighter wins, you get more cash and more picks on the money bags. If they lose, you get fewer picks and smaller cash amounts.

3. Lois Hot Free Spins Bonus

Family Guy Slot GameFamily Guy Slot Game

This is a free spins bonus where you start with 10 Free Spins and four high-paying Lois symbols on the reels.

However, if Quagmire appears on reel 3 you win an additional five free spins. Land the Peter Wild on reel 5 and you can collect these wilds to turn more of the Lois symbols Wild and thus more wilds on the reels equals a greater chance of multiple payline wins.

If you can trigger additional free spins and send Lois completely Wild, then this hot free spins bonus could pay out an amount you won’t forget.

Slot Guy Youtube

What works?

  1. Presentation – IGT games are always good, but this one is simply stunning. An outstanding slot to look at, listen to and play with a great deal of added depth.
  2. Base game features – The addition of the Griffin Family Bonuses do help the base game considerably as the wins in the base game are otherwise relatively small.
  3. World Bonus features – Three different high-quality features each engaging and funny and each offering their own chances to win, although our favorite is the Lois Hot Free Spins bonus.

What doesn’t?

  1. Low base game wins – You may think you are winning a fair amount in the base game but most wins are generally low paying. Paying out $0.05 to $0.45. This isn’t great when the minimum spin is $0.50.
  2. Base Game Bonus tease – You will hit the bonus on the second reel so often you think you are bound to hit the bonus round soon, but time and time again you will hit one, or even two bonus symbols but not the third. This can get frustrating at times.
  3. Comedy taste – If you love the type of comedy in Family Guy the TV show, then you’ll love it on the slot. If not, then the bad-taste jokes may occasionally grate with you.

The scores

Family Guy Slot Game

Graphics and soundtrack 4.5/5

Family Guy Online Slot Game

Outstanding presentation, humor and graphics represent the TV show superbly. A little more animation would have given this the rare 5/5 mark.

Originality and creativity 4/5

The base game slot is generally standard, but the addition of the base game features and the World Bonus round, do give this game plenty of unique touches.

Play value 3/5

This is a mixed bag and it all depends on hitting the features. Hit them regularly and you get superb value, miss out on them and Family Guy soon proves to be expensive.

Jackpot potential 3.5/5

With an in game jackpot of 250,000 coins, this is a game that offers players the chance of a very nice sized win.

Repeat play 5/5

There’s so much to enjoy in the Family Guy slot that this is one game you will always come back to enjoy a few more spins on.

Total score 20/25

Family Guy is a fantastic slot that offers superb gaming for slot fans. Small bugbears aside, this slot has potential to be one of your favorite games for many years to come.

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