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The market is nowadays flooded with lots of offerings, which mostly contain ever present 5×3 layouts, classic swirls and most of them are based on the same concept that has just some cosmetical differences.

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Average users are usually fine with a choice like that, but with time passing by, some of them will get bored and look up for a new offering that will differ. That’s why Jackpot Digital (Canada based studio) provided global access to play Deep Blue Sea free slot, despite starting decision to lock it only to its home country, to spice routine and offer advanced gambling.

While at first sight, it may look like an ordinary slot with 4 reels and 3 rows, a second look at just 1 payline reveals that it is a serious game that offers a bunch of possibilities to win big.

Unlike most slot games, Deep Blue pays out when at least three symbols appear next to each other (but not diagonally), instead of using traditional paylines. Each treasure chest is worth 2,500, each captain bags you 1,500, an oyster and pearl brings 600, and the sea anemone rewards you with 200 per symbol. Deep Blue video slot is a 5 reel 11 payline slot with an underwater ocean theme and developed. It is available for play at Win A Day Casino. It has a scatter symbol wild symbol and a multiplier and symbols on the reels are high card deck values 9, 10, J, K and underwater ocean fish and animals.

Deep blue slot game

The Sea of Versions

Augment Slot is a gem socket on certain named or random items. By adding an augment into a slot, your item gains an additional effect, as long as the augment is slotted. This crafting system introduced in Update 17 replaced the two older augment systems - Epic Augments, and Guild Augments (both older systems can still be used on legacy items that no longer drop in ga. Players Can Bet as Little as a Penny/Spin on New Deep Blue Slot Game Now at Cryptoslots (Press Release) – It’s getting hard to keep track of all the new games arriving at Cryptoslots, a cryptocurrency casino created by Slotland. Hot on the heels of the launch of the Blazing Wilds slot early this month comes the new Deep Blue slot.

  • It consists of 2 modes, basic and top, the second of which is divided into the following ones:
  • Gamble;
  • Superfruit;
  • Lucky 7 Bonus;
  • Treasure Trail;
  • SuperStap.

Gameplay of Multiple Modes and Jackpot

Deep Blue Slot Game

  • The player starts with a basic gameplay where he is kept until the win. It can be obtained in the single spin, or if not, symbols can be held manually to increase the chance of matching with others in the next spin. Even more, the slot can automatically hold cards for which there is a chance to combine in a payout in next turn.
  • Gamble activates after the win where the player has a chance to win double with a bit of luck.
  • After that, the game rises to the steps 4 and 6 (present on the ladder of shells in the top right corner): Superfruit is activated. Some cards come with numbers, the number represents the quantity of times you can try to stop the blinking cross on the same token it came with. The right stop awards a certain amount of credits. 6 raises the gains.
  • Step 5: Lucky 7 is started. Two kinds of “7” are there, regular and lucky. Two of the 1st one rewards 4 credits, while 2nd kind gives 8 credits.
  • Part 7 and 9: When 7 points are reached in the basic mode, Superstar is raised with 1 extra point. With 9 points gained, that point can be reactivated.
  • 8 and 11: with 8 points, Treasure Trail status is elevated (up to 200 credits). With 11, you get paid with the amount highlighted at the moment.
  • 10: activates Mix and Match mode. The 3x symbol is received on the 4th reel. Match pressed shows winline, Mix reveals next symbol. The combination of 3 or 4 tokens will reward.
  • Step 12: This is a Jackpot in Deep Blue Sea slot game, and will give you 200 credits if you get 10 points in the basic mode.

Screen Layout

With overall blue color dominating the display of free online Deep Blue Sea slot machine, it may remind you of some real land-based casino machine, which dominated back in the 80’s and 90’s.

Deep Blue Sloth

It isn’t just a case with this one, all the projects from Fruitkingsplaza (an actual developer of the machine, originally located in Netherlands) are done in the same manner. That makes the game quite dated, without many new features present in modern offerings, as wild, scatter or bonus spins are absent.

Deep Blue Sea Slot Game


Deep Blue Slots

Still, everything is packed on the single screen, with too many data presented at once. Feel is like you are standing in front of the machine, as the keys are separated from the screen.