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  • And what better way to add to the fun then to play a game while watching? We created Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo to play as we watch. Print out and cut the bingo cards that Family Game Shelf has created. We have 12 different, unique BINGO cards on three different sheets. Have a pen handy to cross off items.
  • Christmas movie bingo how to play: print bingo boards on cardstock trim along dashed lines gather a group or play on your own turn on a hallmark christmas movie tear small pieces of washi tape for markers mark the appropriate boxes until a line of 5 is complete (the center box is a free square) happy movie watching! Jones design company.
  • Join me and grab this printable Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo filled with all things you can find in pretty much every Hallmark holiday movie. PRINT BINGO CARD HERE. For all you Hallmarkies like me, here are some quick links to all the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries holiday goodness:.Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas.
  • Christmas Movie Bingo Cards Printable Free – Printable Christmas Bingo Cards is a excellent present concept that your pals and family members associates will adore. They come in a number of styles that may be printed on mild excess weight card inventory to make certain.

This Christmas Movie Bingo Game Is the Most Fun Way to Watch Your Holiday Favorites Pop some popcorn and settle in for a night of movie watching.

Happy Friday! I have a little treat for you – I made Hallmark Movie Bingo cards. This is the perfect way to make your weekend movie watching a bit more fun.

Free printable movie bingo cards

It’s cold out, snow is in the forecast, and Hallmark showing Christmas movies non-stop. It is the perfect weekend to stay in your pajamas and to have a movie marathon.

We all know that these movies follow a pretty basic formula. A busy big city career woman has to go back home for the holidays, runs into a handsome guy in her hometown, does cute Christmasy things with him, falls in love, and doesn’t go back to the city. Sometimes amnesia is involved, sometimes the guy is royalty, and sometimes a local business is failing.

These Hallmark Movie Bingo cards can also be applied to Lifetime holiday movies and other cheesy romantic Christmas movies. My goal was to hit all the classic cliches and to create four completely unique bingo cards that could each be winners.

The fun thing about Hallmark Movie Bingo is that you can play a new round with each new movie. In that case you might want to put coins or slips of paper to mark the squares instead of writing on them.

Hallmark Movie Bingo Cards:

Christmas Movie Bingo Printable

By clicking on each card, a new tab will open and you can print from there. If you use the cards – I would love to know! Just tag me on Instagram @thekittchen.

Free printable movie bingo cards

Here are a few of my favorite cheesy Christmas movies that go perfectly with this game:

The Spirit of Christmas: Now available on Netflix but originally made for Lifetime, a woman staying at a small town inn falls in love with a ghost. It’s surprisingly good.

The Christmas Prince Movies: A New York City journalist travels to a small picturesque European town to write a story about the Prince who is about to become King. The sequel covers their royal wedding, and the third installment due this year involves a baby. Kudos to Netflix for making three of these.

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Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo

A Gift to Remember: After an accident, a handsome man has amnesia and needs help piecing his life together.

Christmas Inheritance: An heiress poised to inherit her father’s business must go to a small town to delivery a letter, hijinks ensue.

The Christmas Inn: Tia Mowry-Hardict from Sister Sister is a big city workaholic who inherits her aunt’s inn in Alaska. She falls for the charming town that loves Christmas.

The Princess Switch: A Chicago baker travels to the fictional country of Belgravia to compete in a Christmas baking contest. Once there she switches places with a duchess who looks just like her.

Note: this isn’t part of an official collaboration with Hallmark.

Printable Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Cards

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