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Digital Bingo Flashboard with 50' flat screen display and Touch Screen Control Panel used for selecting the numbers manually. Use with a bingo cage, Professional Table Top Bingo Blower, Gemstone or with any system that does not actuate the flashboard from the console. Earn paypal money playing games app. Our Digital Bingo flashboard is extremely easy to use.

The new Capitol Statesman Premier™ bingo console offers user versatility and simplicity.

Capitol bingo equipment
  • Multi-face verification for all Arrow Bingo paper
  • 17” LCD touchscreen display
  • PC-based system with solid state hard drive
  • Internal UPS and backup battery in the event of power outage
  • High-resolution camera with HD video output
  • Color-coded ball tray
  • Support for multi-face bingo games
  • Improved soundproofing; insulated ball chamber provides quiet operation

Statesman Premier™ Bingo Console features demo:

  1. Bingo Equipment. Showing all 10 products. Sort By: Add to Cart. 8 Foot Electronic Flashboard, 3.25 Inch Numbers. Envoy Bingo Console. Professional Table Top bingo blower and 8 foot Flashboard with Verifier.
  2. Just like Capitol, Capitol Plus bingo paper is available in six different series, with exactly 9,000 faces in each series. It looks just like our original Capitol bingo paper and even comes packaged the same as Capitol bingo paper. Like UniMax, Capitol Plus is machine collated and printed with a single serial number for each set.
  3. Nannicola Bingo Company is one of the largest distributors of charitable gaming and fund-raising products in the United States. Was founded in 1933.

Modern design.

Capitol Bingo Machine Manual

Enhanced features.

Capitol Bingo Machine Parts Catalog

Statesman reliability.

Capitol bingo machine parts

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With its variety of fantastic features, the Presidential Bingo Console is truly a leader among bingo consoles.

The Presidential system is the favorite system of many game operators because it’s so simple to operate!

Just turn the power on, take the ball from the ball catcher, insert it into the ball tray and the flashboard lights up! It’s that easy! The system’s user-programmable memory enables you to store up to 100 different game patterns and recall them in the order you want for each session. This system has all the features your game needs to grow!

Presidential Bingo Console Features

  • Furniture grade cabinet equipped with locks and non-skid casters
  • Hook up as many satellite flashboards as necessary
  • Built in ball timer and ball mixing arm
  • Last number called will flash on flashboards
  • Game pattern display
  • Large wraparound window
  • Easy to operate

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