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Icy Wilds video slot machine has 5 reels, 4 rows and 50 fixed paying lines. The reels are set against a northern sky and there are trees in the distance. Don’t get surprised by snow, ice or chill vibes because that’s what this fast-paced slot game is all about. Betting options on Ocean Magic. This one from Harrah’s in Reno, NV has a 2000 credit or $20 max bet. Most machines are set up with a 500 credit max bet. When bubble boost is on, bubbles will still periodically rise from the bottom. However every once in a while a horn will sound that will add one to several bubbles on the screen.

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Bubble Bubble Verdict A low to medium variance game, Bubble Bubble is a fun slot with a pretty solid winning potential. Players who love Halloween-themed slots will definitely have a good time with it. You can play Bubble Bubble at Las Atlantis Casino for free or real money.

Bubble Bubble is a slot from Realtime Gaming where you will get to discover prizes and bonuses as well as spooky symbols like spellbooks, spiders, skulls, black cats, and plenty of horrible ingredients for a witchy brew. It is a 5×3 reel game that has 50 pay lines. This slot is similar to Sevens And Stripes.

There are plenty of bonuses including scattered cauldrons, as well as bewitch, witch, and great ghost features. The game has a comic feel to it with a spooky look that is shown in the background, which is a nighttime graveyard scene with skeleton hands, cobwebs, and owls.

Playing Bubble Bubble

The slot has frequent payouts, and when you bet on all 50 pay lines, you multiply your bet. A witch called Winnie is the main character in the game, and she is also the wild. She can substitute any symbol and thereby create more winning combinations on one or multiple pay lines, making another wild symbol at a time. Other symbols included:

  • Spellbook
  • Frog
  • Black crow
  • Potion
  • Candle
  • Spider
  • Cat

Combinations of the symbols above can get you a massive 1000 coins, so you don’t need to have the wild to get a payout.

Free Bubble Bubble Slot’s Bonus Games

There are three bonuses, which are a wild witch, bewitched and great ghosts. They can be re-triggered. During the extra games, the background changes, and Winnie becomes more animated with winks and waving her magic wand.

To trigger a bonus, you have to land 3 or more scatters, which are represented by the cauldron from left to right. You need to click one of these cauldrons to find out which bonus you have got.

  • Bewitched Sign.Here players awarded 7 free spins. The expanded wild of Winnie is locked in the center reel, which means you only need 2 adjacent tiles of the same type on reels 1 and 2 to win. As Winnie plays the main part, the prize multiplied by 3.
  • Great Ghosts. This is an interesting feature where ghosts may fly from either side and turn one or more random tiles into a wild. Winnie might appear and act as it. At the beginning, you get 20 free spins.
  • Wild Witch Prize. This is the most complicated bonus, in which you are awarded 9 free spins. If Winnie appears on reel 3, she will turn 1 or more reels into Winnie reels. The cauldrons are scatters before Winnie appears with her spell, which means that you might be awarded a prize for the scatters.

There is also a win-win rule in the bonus. Once it is over, you receive an extra prize in case your total wins are 10x the triggering bet or less.

If you won nothing, the rule awards 100x the triggering bet. Other combined win totals are randomly selected from 5x to 100x.

Other Features

Bubble Slot Machine

During normal play, Winnie may appear on reel 3 and counts for all symbols including scatters. She will expand to cover the reel and wins are tripled when she appears in winning combinations. Winnie counts once on her reel for scatters. The total bet multiplies scatter wins.

Controls In Bubble Bubble Slot

The pay lines are fixed at 50 and cannot be changed. On the left, the column tells you that you have 50 pay lines. On the right, you will find Help and Rules along with the values of tiles and gameplay. At the bottom, the options are Speed, Autoplay, Bet, and Spin.

The speed control is a skeleton hand; when clicked, a bony finger raises. The game is set at 1, but this can be changed to 2 or 3. With Autoplay, you can set options for auto-spinning. The bet size can chosen by the up and down arrows on either side of the control. The spin button is on a cobweb. The button flashes and goes bigger to smaller. When you click spin, the control changes to a stop button.

The stakes are relatively low, which means you can win with relatively little investment. The 50 pay lines can be played for as little as 0.5 coins per spin, and the maximum bet is 12.5 coins.

Where To Play Bubble Bubble Slot?

You can play the Bubble Bubble free slot at any of RTG online casinos. However, every beginner can test himself in a free mode, launching the machine directly from PC or any mobile device through the web browser.

This is an exciting slot machine with a great theme that keeps you captivated. Low rollers enjoy it as it offers plenty of ways to win with low stakes. The most exciting aspects are the bonuses as you can cash in on three different ones that have lively animations and great payouts. Also, the wild witch feature ensures a win-win option, regardless the outcome of the bonus.

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Ocean Magic is what some would call a 'variable state' slot machine by maker IGT. It is characterized by wild bubbles that move up one row after each play. If it is only played when the previous player abandons bubbles in good positions, it can result in a player advantage.


Following are the significant rules of Ocean Magic.

Magic Bubble Slot Machines

  1. The game screen has four rows and five reels.
  2. Players get one payline per credit bet.
  3. There are two modes the game the player choose from -- Wild Bubble and Bubble Burst.
  4. The pay table for both modes is shown below.
  5. While there are no wild symbols on the reel strips, wild bubbles will randomly bubble up from the bottom of the screen after each bet.
  6. All wilds may substitute for any symbol except the scatter.
  7. If the player looks carefully, he can see the top of any bubbles below the bottom row, ready to bubble up the next spin.
  8. A bubble will replace whatever symbol would otherwise be there, according to the reel strips. However, if a bubble replaces the scatter symbol, the player will still get credit for the scatter, as well as the bubble.
  9. If there is a bubble already on the screen, it will move up one row after each bet.
  10. If a bubble is on the top row, it will float off the screen on the next spin.
  11. If a bubble lands on the Logo symbol, then it will expand and all positions one away, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, will become wild. However, the wild expansion will not be bubbles. In other words, wilds as a result of an expansion do not bubble up on the next spin. As with bubbles, if a wild expansion occurs on a scatter symbol, that position will serve both as a wild and a scatter pay.
  12. If a bubble lands on a Logo next to an edge or corner of the screen, then the expansion will take place in those directions still on the screen only. In other words, an expansion will results in 8 extra wilds if it occurs in the middle six positions on the screen, five positions if on an edge, and three positions if in a corner.
  13. If the player gets three or more scattered Treasure Chest symbols, then he will play the bonus game.
  14. In the first stage of the bonus game, bubbles will float up on the screen and the player will pick 5, 10, or 20 of them, according to whether the bonus was triggered with 3, 4, or 5 scatters, respectively.
  15. Each bubble will reveal either 1 to 5 free games or 2 to 3 extra picks.
  16. In the second stage of the bonus, the player will get the number of free spins determined in the first step of the bonus.
  17. Bonus spins can re-trigger the bonus, adding more free spins to the number remaining.
  18. The maximum number of free games that can be won is 150.
  19. Free games use a separate set of reel strips.
  20. If the player doubles his bet, then he will play in Bubble Burst mode. Wins in Bubble Burst mode are based on only half of the total bet and are applied to a lower pay table than Wild Bubble mode. The other half of the bet is a non-refundable fee to enable the Bubble Burst.
  21. In Bubble Burst mode, randomly extra bubbles will be placed on the screen. The industry term for this kind of feature is an 'exploding wild.'
  22. As with bubbles that bubble up from the bottom, bubbles resulting from the Bubble Burst mode will bubble up one row after each spin.
  23. It is standard in the industry that if the player pays a fee to invoke a special feature, the overall return of the game with the feature activated is greater than without it.

The following table shows what each win pays in Wild Bubble Mode

Wild Bubble Mode Pay Table

SymbolFive PayFour PayThree PayTwo Pay
Logo 600 100 30 10
Shark 200 60 20 0
Jelly fish 200 60 20 0
Tiger fish 150 40 20 0
Sea turtle 150 40 20 0
Sea horse 150 40 20 0
Yellow star 70 30 10 0
Red star 70 30 10 0
Green star 70 30 10 0

The following table shows what each win pays in Bubble Burst Mode

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Bubble Burst Mode Pay Table

SymbolFive PayFour PayThree PayTwo Pay
Logo 500 100 30 10
Shark 200 60 20 0
Jelly fish 200 60 20 0
Tiger fish 150 40 20 0
Sea turtle 150 40 20 0
Sea horse 150 40 20 0
Yellow star 70 30 0 0
Red star 70 30 0 0
Green star 70 30 0 0

Bubble Slot Machines


As mentioned in the introduction, Ocean Magic is a variable-state game. If the last bet resulted in bubbles on the bottom three rows or below the bottom row, then the game will be in a higher state than with no guaranteed bubbles. With bubbles in the right places, the game can result in a player advantage. The astute player should start playing only in a positive state and quit as soon as the game is in a negative state.

As with most slot machines, Ocean Magic was difficult to analyze because I didn't know the reel stripping, the probability of a bubble floating up from the bottom, the probability of a Bubble Burst and number of bubbles in the burst, and possibly other factors. In lieu of that information, I did the best I could based on observing the game and industry norms. The game was simply too complicated to analyze by direct math, so I wrote a random simulation, for both Wild Bubble and Bubble Burst modes. I set the simulation to a return of 85% to 86%, which is how many casinos nationwide set their video slots, as well as erring on the side of being conservative in showing the value of this game. Following are my results in both modes.

Wild Bubble Mode

Bubble Gum Slot Machines

I know that there are wild bubbles in both modes, but the lower right corner of the screen identifies the two modes as Wild Bubble or Bubble Burst, so I will stick with that terminology.

That said, the following table shows when you should play according to where a wild bubble(s) will be on the NEXT SPIN. Play with any bubble in a 'yes' space or any two in the 'maybe' spaces, except the only maybes are in reel 4 rows 1 and 4.

Some on my forum have disagreed with me about playing with a bubble in the upper-left corner or in the middle of reel 4. I think these disagreements are from players who usually play in Bubble Burst mode, where one additional bubble is not as significant. Remember, the line pays are twice as much in Wild Bubble Mode, compared to Bubble Burst, relative to the amount bet. That makes a single bubble roughly twice as valuable.

Bubble Burst Mode

In Bubble Burst Mode the wins are cut in half (relative to the total amount bet) in exchange for more bubbles. That makes any one bubble less significant, given the same location on the screen. The following table shows when you should play according to where a wild bubble(s) will be on the NEXT SPIN. Play with any bubble in a 'yes' space or any two in the 'maybe' spaces, except the only maybes are in reel 4 rows 1 and 4.

Rule Screens

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Written by: Michael Shackleford