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Bingo Showdown is a play for fun free game app to play Bingo games. This social bingo game app allows you to play live bingo where cowboys and cowgirls showcase you to play classic Bingo games or multiplayer Bingo tournaments and win big. You can download this game app all free from app stores.

Games offered to play

Bingo showdown offers various types of Bingo games. You can enjoy a multiplayer bingo gameplay and spice up your social gaming experience while you compete with other bingo players from all over the world in free bingo games. Bingo Showdown has the most fun games to play with friends or strangers. Hop on wild Bingo live tournaments for a social game adventure or challenge yourself with speed bingo games and prove that you are the fastest drawer in town.

Once you enter the Bingo Hall, choose how many cards you would like to play in that game. Each card has a ticket buy-in cost that will be deducted from your inventory when you purchase the card(s) for that game.

Bingo Tournaments are live and competitive, just like at a real Bingo Hall. You earn Tournament Points by playing Bingo Games and at the end of a Tournament you may receive rewards based on how well you did. Enter the bingo hall via the icon in the lobby. Sometimes this image is replaced by a themed graphic for things like Holiday Events, but will always be in the same location.

Throughout the game you will earn many different rewards including Minigames. Minigames offer a way to earn more Power-Ups and Tickets.

While a Bingo Game is active you will both hear and see what Bingo Balls are called. The same area of the game will also include how many more Bingos can be called until the Game ends, how many players have entered into that Game and how many cards are being played as whole.

When a ball is called that is on one or more of your card spaces. Just press that space to Daub it. Make sure to scan all of your cards as Daubing earns Tournament Points. Accuracy is important as well. You will lose Tournament Points for Daubing the space of an uncalled number. A bonus will be awarded for Daubing all spaces called in that game.

When a card has a Bingo on it, the center free space will change showing that a Bingo is ready to be called. Just press it to submit the Bingo on that card. Once a card has a Bingo submitted, that card may no longer be daubed. During a Bingo Game each correct Daub help fill a Power-Up Meter. When this meter is filled a Power-Up becomes available. Press the meter to use it. You may only use one of each power-up type per Bingo Game.

Play social Bingo game with your Facebook gang or other Bingo players from around the world. Use your bingo daubers as guns to shoot your lucky numbers. Show them how it’s done in live bingo action and ride to the top of the leaderboard to win that precious bingo jackpot.

Play other mini games as offered in the game app.

Bingo game tickets. With in app purchases remember that this game app is for fun and offers free to play games which means no real money is involved here. You get free credits and free coins to play and you win virtual free coins to play more Bingo.


How to get started at Bingo Showdown?

First and foremost you need to have Bingo showdown free app on your gaming device be it PC, Mobile or Tablet.

Once you get the app on your gaming device you can tap on the game icon and the game will open its home screen in seconds on your device.

You can start playing as a guest or login with your Facebook account

The game app will ask you to add your name

Next tap on Go

You will be offered 16 powerups and 21 credits to begin at level one.

Play Bingo or Join the Bingo tournament.

Remember that the Bingo game cards have different layouts according to your gaming device and you can change that layout. Like if you are playing with your mobile you can change the layout of the card presentation by adjusting your settings. Press the three horizontal lines in the upper right of the main menu to access them. Then press layout to change the card display to your liking.

When you win your virtual wins will automatically be deposited in your game bank.

Note that this a free game app and you cannot make a real deposit to play Bingo but you will be offered free credits or bingo tickets to play the games. All your wins are also virtual money to play more Bingo.

Bonus offers

When you join Bingo showdown you are offered free credits to buy Bingo and play the game.

Get every day to spin the Bonus Wheel for a chance to win rewards. Collecting on consecutive days and your playing friend count will enhance your bonus!

Also when you join with your Facebook you get more free credits

There are various games and contests to win and get prizes like over the course of your time playing Bingo Showdown outlaws will come to town. Try and catch the Outlaw by completing that Outlaw’s puzzle. Rewards are given for that Outlaw’s capture. Your Book of Outlaws keeps of record of what Outlaws you have caught.

Bingo Showdown Free Power Ups

To Catch an Outlaw you must complete that Outlaw’s puzzle. To complete a puzzle, you will have to collect Puzzle Pieces. When purchasing a Bingo Card there is a chance that this card has a Puzzle Piece on it. Call Bingo on that card to collect the piece and take one step closer to catching that Outlaw!

Another great way to earn rewards is to collect a Bingo Chest. This is done getting enough Bingos to fill the chest meter. Collect this in the Lobby.

Invite a new friend to enjoy the delightful experience of the Showdown and get a full sack of bonuses! Take some time off at showdown bingo rooms for a Wild West bingo holiday with your cowboy pals or just random horseback riders online and have the time of your life!

Bingo Showdown Update

Solve contests and trivia quiz to earn rewards as well.

Customer support

Play Bingo Showdown Free Online

In case you need any help while playing this free game app you can write to [email protected] or write at 7610 Hamilton Park Dr STE 6 Chattanooga, TN 37421 or message at Facebook page.