Bally S6000

  • The below PDF documents have been designed to help you with various machine fixes and errors.
  • The Bally S6000 is an all time classic. This upgrade form the original Bally S5500 was once one of the most popular machines in U.S. The main upgrades to the Bally S6000 were the enhanced sound, cabinet styling, and new game themes to choose from.

Odi bet apk. As the predecessor to the famous Bally S6000 machine, the Bally S9000 really made a huge impact on casino floors with an amazing amount of technology packed into a reel game. Not only did they do an amazing job with the design of the new game themes but they also made this cabinet easily upgradable with many eye catching features including LCD.


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Bally S6000 Wheel Control Chips

I picked up a Bally 6000 Black & White machine with a S6000 mpu that had been converted for home play. It’s looks like it’s been through a few home players and bought is as a non-working unit. After replacing the battery and cleaning the board contacts I’ve run through all I’d the diagnostics with no errors.
My question is, I don’t know how to get the unit to play (how to tell if it’s free play) and don’t know what chips are installed (I’m guessing they are the clearing chips) See the photos.
Any information to help get this machine playing would be great. Thank you!