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8-Ball Slot is a single-payline three-reel classing slot machine developed by Playtech casinos. This game can be found in several online casinos. 8 Ball’s top jackpot of £40,000 is a little lower than some more modern style online slots, but is much generous than those usually found with traditional Vegas style slots. The game could hardly be easier to understand or to start playing, even if you have never played a slot game before in your life.

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The 8 Ball slot machine is a billards themed slot developed by Playtech and available at supporting Playtech casinos. The 8 Ball slot is a 3 reel slot available only to be played online and is featuring wild symbols and a jackpot.

How to Play the 8 Ball Slots Machine

Billiards and pool fans will certainly delight in playing this classic style slot game from Playtech.The 8 Ball slot machine features a single line, three reel format. There is only one type of symbol on this game, pool balls. There are different numbers on each of the pool balls, just like you would find if you were racking up to play a game of pool. The overall theme and simplicity of play have made 8 Ball slots a very popular game with newbies as well as more experienced slots players.

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This game features a maximum bet of two coins. A wide range of different coin sizes are offered, so you can choose how much you wish to bet with relative ease. The smallest denomination offered on the 8 Ball slots is a quarter. This means that if you wish, you can play for only 50 cents for each spin. The maximum bid amount on the game is ten dollars per spin. Players who do choose to play the maximum amount have the opportunity to bring home a very nice jackpot consisting of $20,000. That is certainly not bad for a game with such low bets.

Symbols and Game Layout

The theme of this game is inspired by the very popular 8 ball pool or billiards game. The style of the game is similar to a typical classic slot machine game, with no surprises. There are no wild symbols on this game or any scatter symbols. There are also no bonus games on an 8 Ball slot machine.

8 Ball Slot Machine Jackpot

Players must hit three balls of the same number on the pay line in order to win. That said, there are some exceptions to this rule on 8 Ball. If you happen to hit any three balls that are striped, you can receive a payout. Three solid balls will also net you a payout. These two payouts are the most common, so they do not pay as much as the big jackpot, but they are still nice mid-line payouts. To make matters even better, none of the reels have blanks. This means that players will hit three balls every time, increasing their chances of winning.

In order to win the top jackpot of 2,000 coins, the player must line up three 8 balls. In addition, they must be playing the maximum bet. Players who only play a single coin will win 1,000 coins if they hit a combination of three 8 balls. The next highest pay consists of 200 coins. Other jackpots are also available. These jackpots consist of payouts of 160 coins on down.


The 8 Ball slot machine is a classic styled casino slots game that incorporates the fun of a billiards or pool theme. It is a very straight forward game with no surprises and nothing to detract you from the goal of winning. The big jackpot is healthy, while smaller jackpots provide plenty of incentive to play. If you like the idea of a simple, classic game with a nice payout, 8 Ball slots is a great game to play.

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Where to Play 8 Ball Slots Free

3 Reel Slots

Slot Name Paylines ScatterBonusWild
Max Jackpot
24kt Gold 1 NoNoNo
2,000 Coins
3 Kings1NoNoNo
5,000 Coins
50 Stars1NoNoNo
2,000 Coins
5,000 Coins
Keg of Rum1NoNoYes
5,000 Coins
8 Ball 1 NoNoNo
20,000 Jackpot
Alchemists Lab1NoYesYes
10,000 Jackpot
Crazy 71NoNoNo
1500 Coins
Golden Slots 1NoNoNo
5,000 Coins
Funky Monkey Slots 1NoNoNo
5,000 Coins
Jungle Boogie1NoNoNo
5,000 Coins
Magic Slots 1NoYesNo
5,000 Coins
Party Line Slots 1NoNoNo
5,000 Coins
Sultan's Fortune Slots 1NoNoYes
5,000 Coins
Sports InterAction Reels1NoYesNo
5,000 Coins
Tres Amigos1NoNoNo
2500 Coins
Fountain Of Youth3NoNoNo
800 Coins
Bermuda Triangle5NoNoNo
Haunted House5NoNoNo
1800 Coins
Gold Rally8YesYesNo
Action Reels5NoNoNo
700 Coins
100 Coins
Amber Coast Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
American All-Stars1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Baker Street5NoNoNo
700 Coins
Baraka Slots 8YesYesNo
Beach Party Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Bet 365 Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Black Widow1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Black Widow Reels1NoNoNo
100 Coins
Brandy Slot 1NoNoNo
100 Coins
Classic Bar Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
City Slots1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Diamond Club1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Dinosaur Slots 1NoNoNo
2000 Coins
Fast Win1NoNoNo
2000 Coins
Flamingo Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Forbidden City1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Happy Fruits1NoNoNo
2000 Coins
Garden Of Eden1NoNoNo
4000 Coins
Giant Vegas1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Gold Nugget Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Golden Palace Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
5000 Coins
Grand Banks1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Indio Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Isla Bonita Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Isla Bonita Reels1NoNoNo
100 Coins
Liberty Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
MegaSport Reels1NoNoNo
100 Coins
OnlineCasino.com Slots 1NoNo No
5000 Coins
Poker Slots 1NoNoNo
100 Coins
Royal Dice Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
SafeCracker Slots 1NoYesNo
2000 Coins
Soccer Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Sterling House Reels1NoNoNo
100 Coins
Sunny Slots 1YesNoNo
Super Slalom Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Temple Of Treasures1NoNo No
1000 Coins
Tomb Of The Pharaoh Slots 1NoNoNo
Top Card1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Triple Dice Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Vegas Red Slots 1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Vendome Slots1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Windows Casino1NoNoNo
5000 Coins
Windows Reels1NoNoNo
100 Coins
5000 Coins

5 Reel Slots

Slot Name # Paylines ScatterBonusWildMax Spin $ Max Jackpot
5 Bullets Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
5 Dollar Shake5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
5 Dragons Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
5 Lucky Stars5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
5 Million Winning Streak5NoYesNo25.001000000 Coins
5 Stars Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
A Night Out Slots 20YesYesYes100.0010000 Coins
Action Heroes5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Amber Hunt Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Art Auction Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Beach Life Slots 20YesYesYes100.00Progressive
Buccaneers Treasure5NoNoNo100.002000 coins
Capital Club Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Captain's Treasure Slots 9YesYesYes45.005000 Coins
Caribbean Cruise5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Cinerama Slots 5NoYesNo1.2510000 Coins
Dennis Rodman Slots 20YesYesYes1000.0010000 Coins
Desert Treasure20YesYesYes100.0010000 Coins
Diamond Valley5YesYesNo5.005000 Coins
Dr Lovemore Slots 20YesYesYes1.25$1250
Exotics5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Farmer's Market Slots 25YesYesYes150.005000 X Multiplier
Femme Fatale Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Football Rules Slot 20YesYesYes20.0010000 Coins
Forest of Wonders25YesYesYes25.005000 x Multiplier
Forgotten City Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000
Fruit Mania Slots 5YesYesNo1.25$1250
Galactic Voyage Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Game Ball Slots 8YesNoNo120.004000 Coins
Gemstone Slots Slots 5YesNoNo25.002000 Coins
Global Traveler Slots 20YesYesYes200.0030000 x Multiplier
Goblin's Cave Slots 3NoYesYes25.00150 Coinsd
Golden 55NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Golden Knights Slot 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Golden Tour Slots 5YesYesNo5.002000 Coins
Grand Prize Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Highway Kings Slots 9YesYesYes45.0010000 Coins
Jazz Fever Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Jungle Friends Slot 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Jungle Mafia Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Kings and Crowns5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Lagoon of Luck Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Legendary Odyssey Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Lost Bonanza Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Lost Tribe Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Lotto Madness Slots 20YesYesYes1000.0010000 Coins
Magic Dice Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Millionaire's Lane Slots 20YesYesYes2000.0050000 Coins
Neptune's Kingdom5NoNoNo25.00150 Coins
Noble 5 Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Tropic Cocktail Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Pearl Diver Slot 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Perfect Planet Slots 8YesNoNo120.004000 Coins
Queen of Pyramids9YesYesYes1.35Progressive
Rock'n'Roller Slots 5NoNoNo25.00700 Coins
Rockin' Reels Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Royal 5 Slot 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Santa's Sleigh Ride3NoNoNo15.00800 Coins
Scotland Yard Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Seas Of Battle Slots 3NoNoNo15.001000 Coins
Silver Bullet Slots 9YesYesYes45.0010000 Coins
Speed'o'Meter Slots 3NoNoNo15.001600 Coins
Sports InterAction Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Sterling House Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Sumo Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Take 5 Million Dollars20YesYesYes2000.0050000 coins
Thrill Seekers Slots50YesYesYes1000.0010000 coins
Treasure Seeker Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Treasures of Egypt Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Treasures of Europa5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Vinoteque Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
Wall st Fever Slots 5NoYesYes.50Progressive Max
Wanted Slots 25YesYesYes1250.0010000 Coins
West Side Slots 5NoNoNo100.002000 Coins
What's Cooking Slots 30YesYesYes1500.0010000 Coins

9 Reel Slots

Slot Name # Paylines ScatterBonusWildMax Spin $ Max Jackpot
Ultimate Fighters Slots 8YesYesNo8.001000 x Multiplier
Fish-O-Mania Slots8NoNoNo40.001000 x Multiplier
Chinese Kitchen Slots 8NoNoNo40.001000 x Multiplier

8 Ball Lost Album

3 Reel Multi-Spin

8 Ball Clothing Brand

Slot Name # Paylines ScatterBonusWildMax Spin $ Max Jackpot
Ugga Bugga10NoNoYes10.001000 x Multiplier
Ocean Princess10NoNoYes10.001000 x Multiplier
Triple Profits10NoNoYes10.001000 x Multiplier
Goblin's Cave 3NoNoYes15.00150 x Multiplier
Tropic Reels10NoNoYes10.002500 x Multiplier

Play Online Slots

Playtech Casinos

8 Ball Online Slot Review

Progressive Jackpot: No

Software: Playtech

Paylines: 1

8 ball lottery

Reels: 3

RTP: 97%

There are times when we want to take a trip down memory lane, and if you find yourself feeling that way while trying your luck in an online casino, this may be one slot you’d want to play. It effectively takes you back to the time when slot machines typically had three reels and having two stake choices was the best game feature.

The fact that it has a classic structure and basic gameplay does not mean this slot is boring. It is in its simplicity, in fact, that you’ll likely feel the strongest attraction. The graphics are simple and has a retro look and feel. If you’re new to slot games and want to get the hang of online machines before moving on to more complex games, then this is definitely one slot you’d do well to try.

This slot from Playtech is even more ideal for you if you are a fan of the 8-ball pool game because it strives to stay true to the game. The game screen itself adopts green baize as its main color, resembling a bright green pool table. Even the sound effects in this game are low-key, so as to maintain an atmosphere of being in an 8-ball match rather than playing a slot machine game. The basic gameplay makes it ideal for beginners and for casual players who just want a relaxing time at the slots.

Gameplay begins with setting your bets. You may start by clicking on the +/- arrows on the lower left corner of the screen to set your preferred coin denomination. You may choose a denomination from 0.01 to 2.00. You may then click on the Bet One tab to indicate whether you want to bet one or two coins per spin. If you want to wager the highest amount allowed, click on the Bet Max tab. To set the reels into motion, click on the Spin tab.

Feature Symbols

You will not see any of the familiar playing card symbols in this game, as all base game symbols are theme-related. They are represented by the various pool balls, both spotted and striped. Just like in a real game of 8-ball, symbols with higher numbers are not necessarily the most valuable ones. The black 8 ball is, in fact, the most lucrative symbol in this game.

Since this game strives to stay true to the pool game that inspired it, there are no Wild symbols, Scatters, or Bonus symbols. Everything is kept simple, basic, and classic.

Bonus Rounds

8 Ball Clothing

As mentioned above, this game is truly a throwback to an era where slot machines were simple. It therefore comes with no bonus games, and you will not see the familiar Free Spins feature in this slot. The game also does not come with any complex features, no bells and whistles of any sort.

The main thing you need to note in this game is that you have two stake levels to choose from. Each of these stakes comes with a different prize level. And because you can only play the central payline, the game’s jackpot is maxed at £20,000 when you land three black 8 balls at the highest bet.