TrueCrypt: How to Secure Your Program Generate in a Multi-Boot Configuration

Many customers are using TrueCrypt to encrypt their difficult drive drive information. If your pc has delicate information, then using a challenging drive drive security device is essential. If your PC has just one os and only one partition, then the procedure of difficult drive drive security is relatively easy. But, in office surroundings, there are many such computer systems where pc’s difficult drive drive uses multi-boot set up. Using it in such a complex situation is difficult. In this article, you will read how to encrypt your system drive with TrueCrypt in a multi-boot settings.


Before you begin with this security method, you need to have a empty CD. On this CD, you will burn up the TrueCrypt save hard drive. It is required to make this hard drive as you need it to encrypt your drive.

How to Secure the Program Partition?

• Set up the device and run it.
• Media ‘Create Quantity.’
• Now, the Quantity Development expert will open up.
• Here, you need to pick the partition or drive you want to encrypt.
• Here, you can either select “Encrypt it partition” or “Entire system drive.”
• Then, press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, you have to pick the kind of security you want to execute. Here, you can select ‘Normal’ as it works for most customers.
• Then, press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, you need to pick the area of the difficult drive drive that you want to encrypt.
• Here, choosing ‘encrypt the Ms windows system partition’ is the best choice, offered you are encrypting the local drive where Ms windows gets set up. If you select ‘Encrypt the whole drive’, then the whole difficult drive drive and all its categories will get secured.
• Select your recommended choice and press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, you need to pick the number of operating-system on your pc. Here, select Multi-boot.
• Then, press ‘Next.’
• Next, press ‘Yes’ to proceed.
• In the next display, just click ‘Yes’ if the os you are encrypting is set up on the beginning drive. Otherwise, just click ‘No.’ However, for most of the cases it is ‘Yes.’
• Then, press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, select the choice “2 or more” as here you are executing multi-boot settings.
• Then, press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, select ‘Yes,’ if Ms windows is the only os set up on your difficult drive drive. Otherwise, select ‘No.’
• Then, press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, press ‘yes,’ if you have a Linux system set up in your multi-boot set up. If you have only Ms windows set up, then select ‘No.’
• Then, press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, select the criteria of your choice, then press ‘Next.’
• Then, set a security password. Make sure security password has at least 20 figures.
• Kind your security password two times and then press ‘Next.’
• Over the security screen, move your computer mouse for around 30 a few moments, and then press ‘Next.’
• Then, you will see an email that your important factors have got produced. Then, press ‘Next.’
• Now, the device will make a save hard drive that you can use at the period of problems. Specify a location for this save hard drive, and then press ‘Next.’
• Now, using the Ms windows Disc Picture Burning, the restoration hard drive will get designed. (Follow the guidelines of the wizard)
• After the restoration hard drive gets designed, Ms windows Disc Picture Burning will instantly remove out.
• Now, place the hard drive back into the drive
• The Quantity Development Wizard continues, here, press ‘Next’ to ensure the burnt off hard drive.
• If the check works, then, press ‘Next.’
• In the next display, select the ‘Wipe method,’ and then press ‘Next.’
• Now, reboot your pc by pushing ‘Yes.’
• Ms windows will set up. Now, go into the security password that you had designed in the previous actions.
• The security expert will appear once again to tell you that the pre-test has got finished.
• Then, lastly, press ‘Encrypt’ and that will begin the security procedure.
• The security procedure will devote some time. However, you can use your pc while the security procedure is going on.
• Once, the procedure gets complete you will get an email regarding it
• Then, press ‘Finish.’
• The secured system partition will get noticeable in the TrueCrypt screen.