RoboForm Tutorials: Managing “Search Box” and Using It

Growing on the internet risks and harmful programs may grab your own details and use it for fake purposes. You will need installing a sensible security password program to prevent theft of passcodes along with details. Study the guide below to know how you can use the application’s ‘Search Box’ in an joyful way.

There are plenty of free security password managers available in you need to, but choosing one that can meet you specifications is a trial. Most of such applications lack type product support and may put your whole individual details section in danger. RoboForm is a sensible yet effective passcode management program that comes with specialized tools and features to handle your crucial individual details. The tool can work as an application filling software and can complete multiple types in a couple of moments, to ensure a more secure and faster on the internet experience. You might read reviews about this security password program, but they may not contain info on its ‘Search Box.’

Read this article to know more about the application’s look for box and discover a few tips to use it efficiently:

What is ‘Search Box’ and How You Can Use It?

The Search Box is located between the ‘RoboForm’ key and ‘Logins’ key on the application’s plugin. If you’re not using any browser windows, then you can reveal the look for box by moving submit over the application’s taskbar symbol. On the other hand, you can also manage the exposure of the function by directing to Choices -> General -> Auto show/hide Search Box.

The function is easy to use, and you may easily find the related passcode access, Identification, Safenote, or other related details by writing a thing or a phrase. The applying will display the on the internet look for motor outcomes within a couple of moments and you can choose the access from the record. Additionally, the function will also display the possible activities you is capable of doing with a specific get into.

Pressing the Enter key will apply the first activity in the record and execute it to produce the outcomes. On the other hand, you can also use the up-down pointer control buttons or rabbit pointer to pick another look for choice and their specific activities.
Read below to understand more about this selection and discover using it an effective manner:

1. Standard Action

After you choose products in the Search Box, its default activity will get implemented. You can modify the experience by choosing your preferred access from the record that seems to be. The following components of the program will have the specific activities set, by default:

• Standard activity for ‘Passcards’ is ‘Login.’
• Standard activity for ‘Bookmarks’ it is ‘Go To.’
• Standard activity for ‘Safenotes and Contacts’ is ‘Edit.’
• Standard activity for ‘Identities’ is ‘Fill Forms.’
• Standard activity for ‘Search Engines and SearchCards’ is ‘Search.’

2. Substitute Actions

The function allows you to carry out right-click command to modify the default activities sent to a particular program component. You will need right-clicking the product in the look for box record, and then choosing an alternate activity to get applied to the search engines listing access. The function will come handy while performing various activities using a simple basically click. If you wish to modify the ‘Passcard’ access, then you can right-click it pick ‘Edit’ from the menu that seems to be. Right-clicking the access will give alternative activity choices to the user, and you can choose the same depending on your needs.

3. Finding Passcard, Safenote, Identification by Name

You can kind anything in the look for box, and it will represent the related Passcards, Safenotes, and Identification titles. Once you have entered a string, it will check out the whole program to look out for possible suits that may contain the sequence fully or even as a part of their name. Typing less than three characters in the look for box will display Passcard, Safenote and Identification titles beginning with the entered sequence.

4. Look for String in File Contents

If you think that the look for question you’re entering is unable to display the outcomes, then modify it by making a few adjustments. Type a thing in the look for box pick the “Search ‘word’ in RoboForm Files” choice to narrow your web look for motor outcomes. The applying will now look for for the specific term in the bodies of all RoboForm details and thus present the record of records containing the relevant details.

5. Query Search Engine

For Yahoo

• Type a phrase or a condition in Search Box.
• Choose the “Search ‘phrase’ in Yahoo” choice or perhaps just media the ‘F3’ key.
• The applying will look for the entered term in Google on the internet look for motor.

For Google

• Enable the “Search ‘phrase’ in Google” choice or “Any other look for engine” choice by directing to Choices -> Search.
• Type a phrase or a condition in Search Box.
• Press the ‘F6’ key to look for the entered term in Google.