6 LG Washing Machine Cheap Price 2017

Washing Machine is an important machine for household life. Washing machines can simplify and speed up housework. Washing activities that used to be very annoying can be an easy job and can be left to complete other work. For those of you who want to buy a new washing machine, you should first search a list of 6 washing machines LG 2017 cheap price.

Why LG? Because the brand is very qualified in designing its products. Lg is one of the best selling brands of washing machines in the market and proven to help you. LG continues to prove its existence by always innovating in the type and model. This brand features one tube washing machine, two tubes and also front loading. You specify what kind of washing machine you want to use.

Generally, front loading washing machines are more expensive than top loading. In addition, electricity consumption is also more wasteful. But, in the opinion of the user front loading washing machine gives maximum results, although the washing and drying is done in one tube only. If you want more efficient, use a top loading washing machine and select a tube or two tubes.

If you choose a tube, the process of washing clothes and drying is done on the same tube. Meanwhile, if you choose 2 tubes, washing and drying is done on different tubes. However, in fact, whether or not electricity usage is determined by the washing machine’s products. So, you can choose the LG washing machine products that save electricity. Here’s the review 6 LG Washing Machine Cheap Price 2017.

LG SWADESh WP-905 Washing Machine R
The quality of this 2-tube LG 2 tube is designed to have Roller Jet, powerfull washing and punch +3 features. Wind Dry jet technology capable of drying the maximum clothing without damage and cloth. The price of this washing machine ranges from IDR 1.9 million.

LG WP-600N Washing Machine
There are many options from LG manufacturers, WP-600N type is designed to have 2 tubes with a capacity of 6 kg. Its features are full wash power with jet and punch +3 rollers. In addition there is also a wind dry jet feature that makes it very qualified, the price of IDR 1.6 million.

LG WF-L100TC washing machine
Type WF-L100TC is designed using a tube capable of extending 10 kg of laundry. Features waterfall circulation, turbo drum and smart filter. Price of this washing machine ranges IDR 2.9 millions.

LG WP-1060R
There is a two-tube washing machine that can accommodate 10 kg of laundry at the same time the type of LG WP-1060R. While the features are quite capable of the roller jet, powerfull washing, wind dry jet and punch +3. This type includes 6 LG Washing Machine Cheap Price 2017 because it is only worth IDR 2.3 millions.

LG WP-1460R Washing Machine
The capacity of LG WP-1460R model washers up to 14 kg with around IDR 2.5 million. For the same features with other LG products.

LG WD-M8870TD washing machine is one type of loading font that contains up to 7 kg. Features owned are Durable & Quiet Washer, Minimized Residue (baby care), Motor Inverter Direct Drive and also Durable Heater. Price jual mesin cuci is IDR 3.9 millions